Company introduction

ER Esports is a new concept e-sports enterprise that integrates e-sports training, experiencing through e-sports, promotion of e-sports and event planning. This unique and powerful combination aims to create an interwoven system covering key areas of the emerging e-sports market, from e-sports setup, training, education, e-sports information, event coordination and live event production to e-sports information of all types, with a view to enhancing the professionalism of e-sports in Hong Kong and promoting the concept of e-sports for all.

ER Series Organize various e-sports events and competitions to promote local e-sports culture :

  • • Alisports WESG Hong Kong Esports Festival 2018 - ER Espeed Series
  • • Alisports WESG Hong Kong Esports Festival 2018 – Charity Race
  • • Alisports WESG Hong Kong Esports Festival 2018 – Celebrity Race

The idea of ER academy is to let more people have a correct understanding of e-sports industry, provide diversified professional training of e-sports industry for students of different ages, explore the potential of students, and take e-sports as the entry point to cultivate students' Life Skills, such as time management, logical thinking, critical thinking and creative thinking

  • • E-sports course
  • • Workshop/ fun fair
  • • Talks

ER gaming focus on experiencing through e-sports and event planning. Open entity stores in SCAA and causeway bay to allow guests to experience Virtuix Omni and car simulators, and bring all the movements of players' bodies into virtual reality, so that guests can get the most authentic gaming experience.

  • • Party
  • • Catering services
  • • VR and car simulators class and training

The aim of ER news is to provide Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan players with a diversified e-sports information, latest and fastest professional e-sports reports and to collect all kinds of players interested and content.

  • • Product promotion
  • • Advertisement production
  • • Program production