ER ESports has been working with South China Athletic Association which with more than 100-year history and Cyberport in sports field to promote eSports courses and events. ER Academy aims at promoting the holistic eSports industry understanding to the public, educating kids and youngs the complete gaming concepts and shaping participants’ whole person development. Instructors will train up their life skills. With various curricula and approaches. Meanwhile, we target to nurture eSports front end and back end professionals, and promote eSports to the whole community.


As a market leader in eSports, we keep exploring & modifying our eSports courses.


Learn about eSports with the most professional training & knowledge from us.

The Full-Range
ESports Courses for You

ER Academy offers different levels of eSports training and career development courses from beginner to professional level, as well as from eSports experiencing workshop to corporate training.


Academy Achievement

ER Academy’s vision and mission is to promote eSports and the industry, educating the new generation for the purpose of positive and coaching development. Using the 3 levels curriculum, our coaches will be using eSports as a tool to enhance student’s skill sets, in order to improve student’s self-recognition, identify their interest and modify their strength. Meanwhile, pushes and develop professional eSports talents, and aiming to push eSports in Hong Kong into a greater level.

We have been partnering with more than 100 NGOs and organised more than 1000 workshops during the past year in online and offline platforms. Our workshops are tailor made to different directions, including school & NGOs, individual classes and corporate training. Over the past year, our courses have gotten endorsement from Cyberport, TQUK, HKPC Academy, Logitech and continuous partnership with the light of YMCA, SCAA, HKJC etc.

In terms of the players under our academy, we have able to achieved some major titles, including:

  • WESG 2018 Runner up (PES)
  • WESG eRacing Hong Kong Regional Champion
  • Pok Oi Cup 2019 Runner up (League Of Legend)
  • AESF eMasters 2020 Hong Kong Qualifier
  • AESF eMasters 2020 South Asia Champion
  • AESF Hong Kong Regional Runner up (League Of Legend)
  • Eilat 2020 12th eSports World Championship (Hong Kong)

Entrance Scholarships for top students

  • Professional E-Racing Training Course
  • Sport Psychology in eSports
  • Training Programme of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
  • E-Football Certificate Program
  • LOL Pilot Course for Pro Players

Design for educational institutions & community organisations

  • Career Technical Education
  • ESports Exploration
  • Extra Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Workshop: Experiencing ESports
  • ESports Seminars
  • Diploma in Sport Psychology (Certified by TQUK)

Improving Team Performance

  • ER ESports has been keeping close touches with HR professional in more than 100 organisations which are from various fields.

Individual ESports Courses

  • Tier 1: Elementary Level
  • Tier 2: Advanced Level
  • Tier 3: Professional Level
  • Diploma in Sport Psychology (Certified by TQUK)


Learn eSports with the most realistic and professional equipment.

Develop mental and manual skills by our professional

Car Simulator

✓ Coach by professional racers
✓ Design to meet the specific requirements of the individual

Build pilot skills and maintain proficiency by

Flight Simulator

✓ Instructed by licensed pilot
✓ Learnt to fly light and wide-body aircraft

Equipped with the #1 VR platform

VR Gaming

✓ Learnt VR game development
✓ Engaged learning involvement and efficiency

Provided professional eSports training venue by

Senior eSports coaches

✓ Sports psychologist
✓ Professional eSports coaches


We work with partners in diverse industries, that is how we develop our eSports expertise and build up our reputations.


Have doubt on which course to take? Need help on planning customized events? No worries, our consultants will reach you for a full-spectrum consultation!

1/F, SCAA (South China Athletic Association), 88 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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