Training Qualification UK (TQUK), an institute that is recognised as an Awarding Organisation (AO), is directly monitored and recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). TQUK aims at keeping the quality threshold of education and its quality through regulating the qualifications within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in the UK.

ER Academy has developed a Diploma (Level 3) course with TQUK. The course would introduce the foundational education of Sport Psychology, which brings the concept of Sport Psychology into the industry of eSports.

Module 1 – Introduction to Sport & exercise Psychology – eSports (12 hours)     

This Module will be divided into two parts: Introduction to Exercise Psychology and Introduction to Sport Psychology. In this Module, learners will acquire fundamental knowledge in sports and exercise psychology regarding eSports.

Module 2 – Motor processing in eSports (11 hours)

In this module, learners will acquire the fundamental knowledge in motor development in eSports. This unit will also learn observation techniques to determine motor development in specific movement skills.

Module 3 – Psychological skills training for digital intelligence racing athletes (30 hours)

This unit would focus on four different psychological skills, including Goal-setting, PMR, Imagery, and self-talk. In this unit, learners would build up critical thinking of digital intelligence racing in sport psychology, and understand the importance of sport psychology that applying in digital intelligence racing.

Module 4 – Mentally burnout in digital intelligence racing (8 hours)

This Unit would enable learners to gain some fundamental knowledge about mental burnout in eSports: reasons and its impacts; it could help athletes and coaches to walk out from the bewilderment and frustration of mental burnout in digital intelligence racing.


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