Base on the students’ needs and school development of primary and secondary schools, ER Academy has been keeping moderating programmes we cater; and through merging with the relevant knowledge and technical skills of digital intelligence racing, we have been cooperating with various public and private institutes as well as NGOs, in order to launch digital intelligence racing for extension curriculum, extra-curricular activities (ECAs) and summer programmes.

In the coming year, ER Academy is going to closely work with some partner primary and secondary schools and are going to launch some projects. For the sake of catering learners’ diversity, apart from fitting the developmental needs of different schools, we could also base on students’ talents and learning needs to tailor-made some outstanding curriculum. Taking the highlighted event in the digital intelligence racing industry, live streaming of eSports, as an example, its training would be more focus on creative problem solving when compared with other training courses; meanwhile, motivating students’ interest in order to develop their comprehension of professional skills and higher social communication skills.


Our staff will contact you soon! For anything don’t hesitate to contact us using any of the below channels! Hope to see you in the class soon!
10/F, SCAA (South China Athletic Association), 88 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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