The Biggest Marvel Snap Tournament in Asia is Here

Surpassing $50M in revenue & 18M downloads since its official launch in 2022, Marvel Snap has taken the gaming world by storm, winning multiple Game of the Year Awards last year. As of writing, its official Reddit and Discord community channels have over 160K active members.

According to Helen Hashcroft of The Gamer, “the beauty of Marvel Snap is that it’s simple to learn, quick to play, and you don’t have to have the best cards to be successful… it’s a great balance of luck and skill, with both playing into every hand.”

Marvel Snappers Assemble: A Gateway to Inclusivity

While eSports still faces some skepticism and challenges in certain areas, the overall acceptance and enthusiasm for eSports in Asia continue to grow. The region’s strong gaming culture and thriving eSports ecosystem position Asia as a global powerhouse of the eSports industry.

With the stage set in Hong Kong from July to August 2023, the said tournament is divided into three major events each designed to cater to different audiences: EduHK Elderly Experiential Day, Marvel Snap Math Masters, & Marvel Snappers Assemble Power Day.

EduHK Elderly Experiential Day: eSports Has No Age Limit

EduHK Elderly Experiential Day offers a remarkable opportunity for individuals aged 60 and above to immerse themselves in the world of eSports. This event is set to showcase the inclusive nature of eSports, emphasizing its social and cognitive benefits for the elderly.

EduHK Elderly Experiential Day is a research project spearheaded by the Education University of Hong Kong to shed light on the immense potential eSports in enhancing the lives of the elderly.

Event Details: July 5 & 6 | Venue: ER Esports Centre at Cyberport

Math Masters Program: Unleashing STEM Education through Gamin

Marvel Snap Math Masters embodies the perfect synergy between strategy, statistics, and superheroes. This program opens the doors to secondary students across Hong Kong seamlessly integrating gamified environments into academic structures. By delving into the intricacies of Deck Building Theory and Probability Maximization, students acquire invaluable skills such as strategic thinking, resource management, creativity, and probability analysis.

Marvel Snap Math Masters nurtures young minds, preparing them for real-life situations in fields like business, finance, art, and risk management. Winning students have the chance to claim up to $10,000 HKD in cash and prizes. 

Event Details: July 15, 2023 | Venue: ER Esports Centre at Cyberport

Marvel Snappers Power Day: Unleashing The Champions

Finally, Marvel Snappers Assemble Power Day represents the pinnacle of this grand tournament, uniting the finest esports talent from across the globe. Only 4 exceptional players out of 1024 will earn the honor of competing in the grand finals.

Event Details: August 23, 2023 | Venue: ER Esports Centre at Cyberport

Be a Partner

Marvel Snappers Assemble offers brands and organizations an extraordinary platform to embrace the power of inclusivity in eSports. Organized by ER Esports, this groundbreaking event serves as a rallying point for those seeking to tap into the expansive and diverse community of gamers in Asia. Through strategic partnerships, brands can enhance their visibility and widen their reach. 

Marvel Snappers Assemble offers a variety of partnership opportunities tailored to suit the objectives and aspirations of each brand. From event sponsorship to customized activations, brands can collaborate to create impactful experiences that will resonate with the eSports community.

​​To explore partnership opportunities, interested brands organizations may reach out at or WhatsApp at 63649790.